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Cindy Fox Secaucus NJ Personal Trainer Success StoryWhen I first started working out with Cindy, I wanted to get into shape for my vacation, and began training on a 6-week plan. During my vacation I felt great and was so pleased with my progress, I decided to continue. That was well over a year ago, and I still work out with Cindy-not to get in shape, but to maintain it. I've lost over 30 lbs. And I feel terrific. I can even take Cindy's workout videos with me when I travel. It's nice to know that staying in shape can actually be fun!








Cindy Fox Secaucus NJ Personal Trainer Success StoryCindy has helped me lose several pounds & maintain weight by changing my eating habits, specifically by cutting back on my sugar intake and eating a more animal-friendly diet. She has taught me some toning exercises that I can do at home or when traveling that strengthen my back, abdominals, and the muscles that support my knees. Prior to meeting Cindy, I had lost 25 pounds by eliminating fried foods, fatty foods like beef and pork, and sugary juices and substituted my intake with water and low cholesterol/high protein foods. Since training with her & following her advice, I lost an additional 11 pounds. She is very experienced, knowledgeable and is a testament of a physically fit person.

Dez Santana





Cindy Fox Secaucus NJ Personal Trainer Success StoryCindy Fox Secaucus NJ Personal Trainer Success StoryLisa exercising Lisa after her pregnancy!!! I exercised with Cindy up until my 39th week of pregnancy! I felt incredibly strong which helped me keep up with my 2 year old daughter and do everyday tasks effortlessly. Cindy was a huge inspiration for me. Not only is she a mother of three and looks phenomenal; but she makes it possible to reach your fitness goals.

Lisa Carr






Cindy Fox Secaucus NJ Personal Trainer Success StoryAwesome coach, awesome trainer, awesome woman…Cindy Fox goes out of her way to make sure you get out of your own way. = AWESOME RESULTS!!!
Thanks for everything.

Anita Costello










Cindy Fox Secaucus NJ Personal Trainer Success StoryCindy is a great motivator! I’ve been taken her classes for many years. She keeps me from having a work-out slump by making her classes challenging and giving me a full body conditioning. There are many other less apparent reasons I enjoy Cindy’s classes such as having a ton of energy and a boost in my mood after taking them. It is also lowering my risk of heart disease and other illnesses. Come join us for one of her workouts…you’ll love it!

Yvonne King








Cindy Fox Secaucus NJ Personal Trainer Success StoryCindy Fox, you are my role model, I always admired your amazing body, your hard work, determination and your kindness!!! No matter what's going on in your personal life, you always show up smiling!!! You are an amazing professional and I was lucky enough to work with you!!! We will work together again!!! Believe me!!! Love u forever!!!!

Debora Cavallini









Cindy Fox Secaucus NJ Personal Trainer Success StoryCindy Fox ...... you have helped me in many ways... your Inspiration to keep on keeping on.... your energy... your love for life... your love for Animals... and most of all for being YOU.. the beautiful woman that you are.... may GOD continue watching over you & your beautiful family FOREVER..... :)

Tania Chiodo









Cindy Fox Secaucus NJ Personal Trainer Success StoryMy doctor told me to lose weight and exercise regularly or else!  I didn’t listen and the result was a minor heart attack.  During the past five years since the heart attack,  I have been working out with Cindy Fox and the result is significant weight loss, body toning and my blood pressure is much better.  I have more energy, my clothes fit better and most important, I feel better about myself. Cindy did a complete review and work-up regarding my health situation and adapted my exercise program to fit my individual needs. She was patient, encouraging and demanding when necessary. I am impressed with her knowledge of both the benefits of exercise as well as proper diet and nutrition.  I am now a “senior citizen” and not only do I not look like “old”, but I don’t feel like it either. Thank you, Cindy, for adding years to my life! I am forever grateful to you.

Miriam Weiner





Ms. Fox is a highly skilled health and fitness professional. Among the many attributes that make her the best choice for a fitness trainer and consultant, here are some of many highlights. Ms. Fox is: - Dedicated and knowledgable - Credentialed - Approachable and motivational - Sets realistic (but "work hard") goals - "Walks the talk" - Is sincerely driven to ensure her clients achieve and exceed their wellness goals I have worked with Ms. Fox over the last ten years, sharing in and following her roles as Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Small Group Personal Trainer, Mom and Health Care professional as well as CPR/AED instructor. Not only is Ms. Fox dedicated to partnering with her clients to walk with them toward reaching enhanced health, fitness and overall improved life-style, she shares in her clients' journey. Ms. Fox is a wonderful and very well qualified choice for your training needs. Live well. Live long and strong. Ms. Fox is a caring inspiration.

Susan Sturm



Cindy has been my personal trainer for a few years.  During this period of time I have come to know Cindy on both a professional and personal level.  She is both a dedicated and devoted trainer and friend.  Motivation and encouragement is supplied by her upbeat personality and compassion.  Cindy has certainly encouraged me to “pump-up” my exercise regime and to attempt to reform my eating habits.  I can honestly say I am in the best physical shape I have ever been in thanks to Cindy.  Cindy represents, in my opinion, what everyone would want in a personal trainer.

Maddy Michaels



I love and look forward every week to my Cardio Sculpt Class with Cindy Fox.  She teaches her class with high energy, enthusiasm and fun.   I feel guilty if I miss her class, because I get such a wonderful workout.  Cindy is a true Professional and we are lucky she teaches at VIP.

Cecilia Rivera



My doctor told me to lose weight and get my heart rate up or else! The two years I spent working out with Cindy Fox resulted in a 30 pound weight loss, reduced blood pressure and more energy. Cindy did a complete work-up regarding my health situation and adapted my exercise program to fit my individual needs. She was patient, encouraging and demanding when necessary. I was impressed with her knowledge of both the benefits of exercise as well as proper diet and nutrition. She is my "body guru" and I am very grateful. Miriam When I started training with Cindy, I was 10 pounds over weight. I first met Cindy when I took a Body Sculpting Class she was instructing at Atlantis Fitness. I enjoyed her class and style of teaching so much so that I decided to inquire about working out with her on a one-on-one bases as my trainer. Cindy had me follow a weight training program that consisted of running a lap between each set which allowed me to focus on losing weight by using weights as well as incorporating cardio into my workout. Over the past year, I not only lost 10 pounds, but I've notice a change in the shape of my body. My body is more toned and defined and I am more comfortable with myself. Having a trainer gave me the extra push I needed to loose 10 pounds and working with Cindy was great. Thank you.




Since I began working-out with Cindy, I have definitely lost inches. I worked-out with other trainers that focused too much on lifting weights and socializing. Cindy gave me the right indications and more cardio to effectively lose weight. Before Cindy, I was working-out and trying so hard with no results. Cindy was right, I needed much more cardio and less weights. I am thankful that she is around!




After Cindy is a great personal trainer and I really look forward to our sessions. Her circuit training style makes the hour fly by and her enthusiasm for fitness is motivating. She not only talks the talk but she walks the walk believing fitness isn't a short-term goal but a long term lifestyle choice. Both her professional and personal achievements have inspired me personally. Did it today again. Love it. Big compliment. I have a Tami Lee Webb DVD called Tight on Time but I use yours more. Some of the exercises are too gymnastic on hers. I got it on subsidiary of ebay. I wanted to compliment you. I love to exercise, pilates, love Gunnar Peterson Ball exercises, turbo jam (cannot follow Billy Blanks too fast) and yours. Got to get back in shape. Been working some mean hours and falling back so making time now. No excuses. It is my kind of time and effectiveness.

Helene Paskowitz



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